Harry Potter and Voldemorts Daughter Chapter 3

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Harry Potter and Voldemorts Daughter Chapter 3 Empty Harry Potter and Voldemorts Daughter Chapter 3

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Kimberley was awoken by the hustle and bustle of the leaky cauldron. She walked over to her window and down on to the street of Diagon alley for the last time for what would be about nearly a year. Suddenly she heard a small noise from behind her. She turned around to her phoenix to see that it was looking at her with an expression she hadn't seen before.

" I FORGOT TO NAME YOU!" Kimberley shouted as she walked over to it and started to pet it. " How about I just ask uncle Snape." " What about me Kimberley?" Snape asked as he walked into her room with black robes on. " I was going to ask you what I should call my phoenix." Kimberley said as she let it clime onto her shoulder. " Don't know, how about whitey?" Snape asked. " Whitey?" Kimberley asked the phoenix that made a shrill, unpleasant noise. " Nope she doesn't like that." " Well it's silver so.Star dust?" He said starting to get impatient. " Star dust? that's great! Thanks uncle Snape!" Kimberley said as she ran up and hugged him.

" Now before we go to get the train I must tell you some thing important. When you see me in corridors and such you can not call me "uncle Snape" as it is highly embarrassing." He said as he returned the hug. " O.k." She said letting go of him. " Now, lets go to King's Cross to get the train. Oh and, I cant sit with you on the train o.k." He said with a tint of guilt in his voice. " Yes professor." She replied walking over to her trunk and locking the lid. " You know, you act more like your mother every day." He said as they walked down to the car waiting for them out side the leaky cauldron.

Once they reached kings cross Kimberley wondered where the train was and watched in amazement as he uncle pushed her into a wall but she did not feel pain, she just felt a tingling sensation down her spin. After a few moments, Snape appeared behind Kimberley and said he would see her soon and walked away.

When Kimberley walked towards the train she wondered how she would get it up the steps when a voice interrupted her thoughts. " Need some help?" He asked her and not waiting for her to answer, he got his friends to life the trunk up and into an empty compartment. I know it's out of character but it's only for just now! Promise! " Thanks." She said looking at the three people who had helped her.

" Names Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, but most people call me Malfoy. And these two are Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle. There usually called Crabbe and Goyle." Malfoy said extending his hand. " Nice to meet you. I'm Kimberley-Ann but most people call me Kimberley or just Kim." She said shaking his hand. " What year you in?" He asked, fascinated by her. " 5th I think." She said. " You think? That's the same year as us. So were you going before you came here?" Malfoy asked as he whispered something to the other two and the walked away. " I didn't go to another wizarding school, I went to a catholic school." She said embarrassed by the look on his face. " What were your parents?" He asked wondering if she pure blood or not. " Witch and wizard." She said trying to hold back a tear from rolling down her face. " So your pure blood, good." And with that the compartment door slid open to revel Crabbe and Goyle with three heavy, big, black trunks piled on top of each other. " Mind if we sit here?"

" Na." Kimberley said, moving over to give them some space.

After a few hours of talking there door slid open to revel the face of the boy Kimberley had bumped into the other day. " Hi Ron." Kimberley said looking at him and the other two people behind him. " Who's that?"

" Hermione Granger and Harry Potter." He said as he looked around the compartment. " Id watch out for those three if I was you." " Look Ron I know you think your saying something that's going to be some use to me but, if you got to know people before you judge them you might end up liking more people." Kimberley said. " If you want a fight I suggest you don't do it here as I know some one who can get you expelled before you can say humpty dumpty." " Don't say we didn't warn you." Hermione said as she and the other guys left the room and walked away down the corridor. " Don't start Malfoy." Kimberley said after she shut the door. " How'd you know I was about to talk?" He asked. " There's a mirror in front of me." She said as they all laughed.

A few hours later they were all talking about there best and worst summers. " My best was when father took mother and I across the world. And the world had to be when I had to go and visit my grandmamma down in England." Malfoy said shuddering. " My best would have to be when I went to Portugal with my foster parents and the worst.when I had to go to a caravan and stay with my foster family. The caravan was really, really cold!" Kimberley said shivering in the memory.

When the get to the station neat the school Kimberley wondered what house she would be in and hoped she would be in with her friends. " Firs' years this way!" a very tall man shouted as he held a lantern over his head. " Kimberley-Ann!" Shouted professor Snape as he turned to her. " Professor Dumbledore is awaiting your arrival." " See you guys later!" Kimberley shouted as she walked to wards a very large and dark castle.


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Harry Potter and Voldemorts Daughter Chapter 3 Empty Re: Harry Potter and Voldemorts Daughter Chapter 3

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Interesting, wonder what house she'll be sorted into...She doesn't seem like a Slytherin though.

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