Harry Potter and You know whos Daughter Chapter 6

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Harry Potter and You know whos Daughter Chapter 6 Empty Harry Potter and You know whos Daughter Chapter 6

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Immediately gasps were heard through the great hall as every one tried to get a glimpse at Kimberley after Snape had pushed her foreword.

" Professor McGonagall, the sorting hat if you please." Dumbledore said as it was placed on to her head.

" Finally, you arrive!" The hat talked but not just to Kimberley, but also to the whole school. " Too scared to talk I presume? Now which house should I put you in? Defiantly not Raven claw, or Huffle puff. You would make a good Gryffindor but the blood of a Slytherin in also in you. It is a mystery indeed. Hmm any requests? To be with your friends...but why not the house that will help your greatness? Fine, fine, then is must be SLYTHERIN!" The hat shouted and then Kimberley then ran until she got to the Slytherin table.

" Now that every one is in their new house is there any announcements that any teachers would like to say?" Dumbledore asked.

" Yes." A very quiet and mysterious voice said. "There will be many dangers a head of two particular students so I say to them, beware of all things."

After that was said the plates were filled with food and Kimberley looked up at her uncle. He saw her and gave her a small smile and she smiled back, felling better.

" So your last names Riddle eh?" Malfoy asked as he moved to sit beside her.

" Yes I think. You see I was put up for adoption after my father killed my mother and I ended up being raised by muggles who told me I was a witch on my 15th birthday. What's s bad with having Riddle for a last name anyway?" Kimberley asked.

" Riddle was the last name of a very powerful dark wizard." Malfoy said as he watched her eyes get wider in wonder.

" What happened to him?" She asked.

" He killed lots of people and then tried to kill a young boy with the initials H P but failed and then he lost his powers but a year ago he regained his powers and is now plotting revenge on that boy." He said his voice dropping into a low whisper.

" Wow!" Kimberley said after she processed what he had said.

A few hours after the feast started Dumbledore said it was time for bed so everyone walked towards his or her common room. When they arrived there they all went straight to bed a fell asleep quickly but Kimberley just thought about what Malfoy had said.

' He killed lots of people.' she thought to her self. ' He must have been really mad, angry or upset for some reason.'
The End for now.


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